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SPT Countertop SD-2201W Dishwasher Review

If you are one curious buyer that loves to pick adequate article and that too for a competitive price, you have jumped into right places. I would personally not ask your interest in kitchenwares because that is obvious as you are in here. The current analysis is about a dishwasher manufactured by SPT known as one of the best budget dishwashers available today. Let’s not squander your another precious second and move on straightly towards the SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher review.
It is perfect for 1-2 people with amazing specifications and in small price range. That's my Appliance Love Story.     -                A.Gills (Certified Owner)

SPT countertop SD-2201W Dishwasher Review

SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher review
SunPenTown is a renowned USA based dishwasher manufacturing brand. Among its various models, the SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher remains budget friendly and gives you set of basic necessary features. This is available in a white colour and currently selling on Amazon for USD 220. It boasts of a number of handy attributes that becomes quite incumbent specially when you are looking for a budget friendly machine.

Conventional yet sleek Design

The SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher looks simply elegant in pure white colour. The edges are sharp and the machine features space saving design. You are provided with a sleek silver finish as in to match your contemporary kitchen. The durable stainless steel interior would enhance the life span of your dishwasher. Again, it is lightweight at under 49 pounds. Overall, design wise the manufacturers have done a nimble-witted job out there.

Energy Saving Machinery

The SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher is perfect for apartments, office kitchens or small family residents. Among its many speculations, the most important one is its energy efficient mechanism. It is rated a energy saving economic product and you will be pleased to count your savings in electric bills.

Easy to Go

The machinery is provided with a quick faucet adapter that can quickly connect to any kitchen faucet. You can connect your SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher and put it at work. In case, you feel any difficulty in setting up your machine, you can refer to the Step to Step guide of SPT countertop dishwasher installation


  • Budget friendly and a energy star certified product
  • Space Saving and lightweight 
  • Strongly built interior


  1. Could be in better colours
“The beautifully crafted SPT Countertop SD-2201 dishwasher easily fits between my countertop and cabinetry. Really Love it.” - Lola Heart (Verified Owner)


SPT countertop SD-2201W dishwasher review
Now let’s quickly analyse the features and disadvantages the SPT countertop SD-2201 dishwasher beholds. First of all, It is equipped with a nature friendly designed body crafted in a sleek silver finish. Secondly, it is cost effective and gives you future savings with its energy certified ratings. Technically, It cleans up your dishes effectively with an effective 6 wash cycles. Most noteworthy, the SPT countertop SD-2201 dishwasher has acquired a whopping 4.2 stars ratings and more than 2000 pieces were sold during last 6 months tenure (on Amazon). Overall, I would highly recommend this product to people that are looking for a really sterling dishwasher at a cut-throat price.

   Buy this on Amazon (For USD 220)  

That’s all from me, Arnav. In case you can have an overview about 5 top SPT countertop dishwashers, listed from simple to technically advanced ones. See you soon with a new review. Eat delicious, Stay clean. Peace !!!

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SPT countertop dishwasher installation Guide

People who find dishwashing manually a tedious task will be happy to know that there is no complex mechanism involved in installing a dishwasher. After you made your choice of owning a SPT countertop dishwasher best for your needs, there is nothing complicated about setting it up. Well, this post is a step to step SPT countertop dishwasher installation guide and believe me, it is easier than you could ever imagine.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher installation

how to install a SPT countertop dishwasher

Here are 6 easy steps to install a SPT countertop dishwasher-
  1. Setting up the connection-  First of all, you need to connect your SPT countertop dishwasher to the faucet (the water input) and an output to provide drainage to the impure water. It is to be noticed that the water outlet is generally connected to the sink. Each SPT countertop dishwasher is provided with a hose and connector to let you attach your faucet to both input and output sources to get it to work.
  2. Pulling the hose out- After you set up the connection, pull out the hose behind the dishwasher. Place your SPT countertop dishwasher in correct position so that the hose can be attached to the tap. Pull down the black ring on the connector. After this, simply slide the end over the tap.
  3. Release the ring- Unfetter the ring and make sure their occurred a clicking sound. This would assure you that the connector is attached to the faucet. Re-confirm whether it is coupled correctly or not.
  4. Water flow input- Switch on the input source as in to allow incoming hot water. Make sure that water is not leaking in the sink. Plug the dishwasher in and justify your SPT countertop dishwasher settings to match the load of dishes you need to clean.
  5. The Working- After you switch on your countertop dishwasher, you would hear the water filling sound. Few minutes later, dirty water will drain into the sink after completion of the rinse cycle. When the procedure will finish, your SPT countertop dishwasher would switch it off itself.
  6. Turning off- After the procedure completes, switch off the water input. Gently press the red buttons on side to drain any stored water in the connector. After this, return the hose to the back of your SPT countertop dishwasher. Take the plug out and move it to its fixed counter spot.
See, how easy it was to install a SPT countertop dishwasher. Well, there is no geeky coding stuffs and usually a beginner can set this up within minutes. If you have any difficulty understanding any of these steps, feel free to ask your query by commenting down below. Keep your kitchen clean. Wish you a happy and an effective dishwashing !!

5 Best SPT Countertop Dishwashers of 2017

Dishwashers emerged as one of the most important evolutions in a cook’s life. The kitchen’s life cycle consists of three correlated process- storing, cooking and cleaning. The later two steps have an everyday involvement. Especially cleaning your dishes everyday becomes a monotonous task. To make it a bit easier, dishwashers were evolved. Today, we would talk about few best SPT countertop dishwashers and suggest you how these can help you to get relief from a hectic everyday kitchen schedule.

There are several reasons to act as a firm catalyst for you to own your first dishwasher. When you notice how rapidly your time efficiency has increased, how convenient the whole hectic phenomenon has become and how advanced you have been with a price cut in your monthly expenses. If you stay at any of these interrogations, you obviously need one for your kitchen needs. 

5 Best SPT countertop dishwashers

best SPT countertop dishwashers

What is the need of owning a dishwasher or say, SPT countertop dishwashers ? Well, that varies from person to person and their choice of comfortability but, I will illustrate you a real case study to help you diagnose the causes and advantages over preferring SPT countertop dishwashers above the remaining.

In a survey conducted in 2015-16 tenure on kitchen awareness, the results showed a sanguine feedback and a significant increase in the number of technically aware females. The subject was focussed on both the housewives and working women residing in the United States.

Reports suggest that 84% of working women currently use dishwashers for making their household chores easier. Most noteworthy, 91% of dishwashers aficionados possess SPT countertop dishwashers.

Being a working female, one simply needs some languid hours and you have to hasten your dish cleaning stuff. Since the office hours can not be manipulated, you need to cut the time your household chores usually eat up. Machineries are meant to conserve your time and also deliver a smart work, one should take advantage of what technology has gifted to us.
In the world of dishwasher manufacturing, SPT has stupendous brand value, attributes and yet it is so economic. Here I will be talking about 5 best SPT countertop dishwashers that are doing rounds off in the American market. Have a look-

SPT countertop dishwasher SD-2201W

5 best SPT countertop dishwashers
Today when the market is filled with costly products that aren’t offering worthy features, SPT has brought you a range of models at cutthroat prices. Right now, I will be talking about the most economic SPT countertop dishwasher and tell you why it is a true attention-grabber.

Talking about its design, the SPT SD-2201W looks elegant in pure white and is drawn along a sleek silver finish ideal for your kitchen. It weighs only 48.5 pounds and would fit between standard countertops and cabinetries. The internal chambers are built up of stainless steel. It is a glib operator with 6 wash cycle to effectively clean your dishes. The SPT countertop dishwasher SD-2201W boasts of a powerful motor that easily finish a task offered to it. You get energy star certification as a bonus and fret not, it is a super saving deal for now and future.
Specifications and Functionality
  • Energy star certified economic product
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior
  • Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • 6 wash cycles and standard place settings capacity
  • Competitively priced product with user friendly controls
Let’s talk about the ratings and opinions a bit. The SD-2201W from SPT has acquired a 4.2 star ratings on Amazon. One of the most content customer tagged it under “Love it” while the another claimed it is perfect for a couple of people. You should take note of the fact that, there are no any complaints of technical dysfunction in this model. Overall, it works in less power, saves your electricity bill, offer you so much ease and that too in an average price of USD 219. In my opinion, the SD-2201W is the supreme SPT countertop dishwasher for short family and from the economic point of view.

SPT countertop Dishwasher, SD-2213 S

5 best SPT countertop Dishwashers
If you are looking for a technically advanced dishwasher packed with more features, this is for you. The SPT SD-2213 S countertop Dishwasher is packed with many advanced features within an affordable price.

The classic SD-2213 model comes in silver and weighs just 43 pounds. It looks elegant and classy like the remaining SPT countertop dishwashers. It operates in 6 wash cycle modes and let you use it in a heavy, normal, light, mini party, rinse and speed mode. This machine accommodates upto 6 standard place settings and dish ware upto 10.5 inch in diameter. For a change, you can spot few indicators like water supply warning beep and rinse aid warning indicator to make it’s handling totally hassle free.
  1. Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  2. Water supply warning indicator
  3. Rinse aid warning indicator
  4. Simple control with 6 wash cycles
The added features are really handy in day to day operations and thus, users have awarded the SPT countertop dishwasher SD-2213 model a 4.1 over 5. Customers are extremely happy with this product. However, I would personally miss the energy star design to this product but, people who are looking for a technically upgraded stuff for a small family- go grab this up.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, SD-2224DS

top 5 countertop dishwasher
Moving ahead in $250-300 price range, I have already listed the SPT SD-2224DS countertop dishwasher. Given its features, at this price point, it is one of the best SPT countertop dishwashers. Well, let’s talk further on this-

At USD 270, this product is equipped with premium specifications like delay start for added convenience and a glossy LED display for receiving substantial informations. However, it is also featured with all around indicators like Rinse aid warning and water supply notifications for the smart operation.

This device looks classic in a winsome silver colour. It is lightweight at 43 pounds and operates in 7 wash cycle. The machine comes with an universal faucet adapter and quick connect for quick and pliant connection to most kitchen faucets. It is equipped with automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser.

With few added idiosyncrasies, the SPT SD-2224DS countertop dishwasher has been successful in winning people’s affection. That is unequivocal with the encouraging comments like “Super little Dishwasher”, “So far, so good” and a whopping 4.1 stars rating this product has received on Amazon.
  • Delay start for added convenience- upto 8 hours
  • Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  • Water supply warning indicator
  • Rinse aid warning indicator
  • LED display
  • 7 wash cycles
In my opinion, this product is built for users that are looking for a comparatively more productive machinery than the SD-2213 model. This is lightweight, furnished with added features and a LED display- and cost you just 30 dollars more. Overall, this is a remunerative deal to grab under this price point.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, SD-2202W

best countertop dishwashers
Before moving further with SPT SD-2202W Countertop dishwasher, you may have noticed a fact. If we scale up the specifications of SD-2213 S and SD-2224 DS, it is to be noticed that the latter boasts up of two premium features, i.e., the delay start and LED screen. What if I say, you can acquire one of these two qualities in the same USD 239 price range? Sounds simulating? Not really.

The SPT SD-2202W countertop dishwasher is packed with delay start feature that allows you to start it upto 8 hours late. Though it is priced similar to SD-2213 S model, the latter is not embedded with this aspect. It is ergonomically designed and looks crisp in standard white colour. It comprises of 6 wash cycle and provided upto 6 standard place settings capacity. You are also provided with a faucet adapter for quick and simple connection.

The machine is provided with automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser and holds plates upto 10.5’’ in diameter. At 49 pounds, it feels heavier than SD-2213 model but given the attributes at this price point, It is totally worth it.
  1. Upto 8 hours delay start
  2. Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  3. Rinse aid warning indicator
  4. Priced less for premium features
Due to added extra features in similar price point, this product has left a mighty impression in the market. It is rated 4.2 stars and named as “A relationship saver” and “Excellent customer service”. My verdict would totally favour the buyers that are totally satisfied with this product. In my opinion, you must go for the SPT SD-2202W dishwasher as it gives you a superior value to the money.

SPT Portable dishwasher, SD-9241SS

5 best SPT countertop dishwashers
There is a popular saying about exorbitant appurtenances. That goes like, smaller the article- more valuable the innovation and costlier it would be. The SPT SD-9214SS fits impeccably in this context. As the name suggest, it is a portable dishwasher yet packed with plenty of quirks. Well, you should better see it unleashed.

The SPT SD-9241SS portable dishwasher is a high priced and most advanced dishwasher ever manufactured by SPT. It is equipped with a economic energy star specification to ultra modern attributes like time delay and adjustable rack. This is crafted exquisitely in stainless steel and iron. It weighs 121 pounds and comes with measuring cups for detergent.

Talking about the specifications, the SPT SD-9241 SS comprises of automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser, loads upto 8 standard place settings, features easy controls and allows you to start the operation upto 24 hours delay. You are also provided with an error alarm, displays snaggy codes, rinse aid warning and refill indicator attributes. 

Because of the high price (USD 610), there are less buyer of this awesome product. Now, if you prefer portability and top of the class features, I would suggest you to go for this dishwasher. It is packed with an array of specifications and thus, set the way full of praises for itself. The SPT SD-9241SS dishwasher would remain atop of our list of 5 best SPT SD-9241SS countertop dishwasher for plenty of reasons.
  1. Time delay feature upto 24 hours
  2. Portable
  3. Stainless steel interior with Adjustable upper rack
  4. Error alarm, rinse aid warning and refill indicator
  5. Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser
  6. Energy Star rated product
If you take a look over customers’ opinion, you would find declarative statements such as “Best dishwasher I ever used” or, “Winner” etc. that intelligibly proves its authority in the Dishwasher niche. However, the price may be a hurdle but, it is worth to remember that it would save your bucks during a long term use, thanks to its energy star ratings. Thus, In my opinion, I would recommend this product to users that are seeking for an advanced product with portability.

This was the list of top SPT countertop dishwashers available today. This catalogue was concocted under Mark Freeman, an electric engineer and under this business for more than 20 years. Also, we have concluded some useful recommendations provided by the registered buyers and thus, feel free to go with this list. Although we have talked about each product in detail but for user satisfaction, here are the SPT countertop dishwashers, best in respective fields.

1. SPT SD 9241 SS- Most Advanced SPT Dishwasher
2. SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2202W - Best Among All
3. SPT Countertop Dishwasher, SD-2224 DS - Loaded with features
4. SPT Countertop Dishwasher, SD- 2213 S - The Moderate
5. SPT countertop dishwasher SD 220 - The price cutter

After you purchase the SPT countertop dishwasher best for your needs, do not forget to have a look over the step to step SPT countertop dishwasher installation guide. That was all from us. We will be back soon with detailed review of each SPT countertop dishwashers listed here. Keep Your kitchen Clean!! Over and Out.